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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told II

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Beauty & The Beast Edition

How could a beauty ever love a beast?

How could such a love ever exist?

It's only in fairytales, we always say,

It's wishful thinking, to our dismay.

Then suddenly, it was on that fateful day,

You walked in, said, "I'm here to stay".

I've heard of You, the stories they tell,

Of how You love and do it well.

You see I was hideous inside and out,

And love was something I knew not about.

To love myself was impossible to say,

But You chose to love me anyway.

So How can it be?

To love a person like me?

Someone so beautiful, so loving and kind,

And yet You loved me, a small broken, imperfect dime.

But "Don't ever say that", You said to me,

"Created in my image You were meant to be".

You lifted me up and lovingly said,

"You're beautifully and wonderfully made".

You showed me an abundance of grace,

Why oh Jesus, did You take my place?

Lying locked away in that lonely tower,

I now thank God for that stalk of flower.

It must really be a love divine,

That I met You, a love so kind.

I once thought, "how could it be?"

But now I thank You for loving me.

You may ask, "Is he real?" I'll tell you, "come and feel"

Some call Him friend, some call Him comforter, others call Him hope;

Well I know Him as,

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.

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