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The Love of the Father

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

He held us before time,

And whispered, "You're mine".

Gazing into our tiny eyes,

He saw everything - our whole lives.

The good, the bad, the ugly;

The happy, the sad, the nasty.

How we broke up and had our meltdowns,

And how He picked us up, and helped us wear our crowns.

The laughter, the tears,

Our ambitions and our fears.

Even those times we turned our backs,

His hold on us wouldn't lax.

Through hell and high water,

He cares like none other.

Don't you see? He saw it all,

Yet He loves you, all the more.

He held us before time,

Gently whispered, "You're mine".

He kissed you and sent you,

And now eagerly awaits you.

Even if you say no,

He will wait till you're old.

Such, is the love of the Father.

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